12 June 2014

HeBlad the Danish way !

We consider it very important that our website gives clear and useful information to our (future) customers. We believe that we fully comply by numberless photos and descriptions of our products. Due to the development of the market we have decided to make our website also available in the Danish language.
Our first ping-pong table we delivered in 1994 was only 10 km away from our home. Very quickly it turned out that our ping-pong table became a popular product with schools, campings and communities. In a very short time this resulted in fully loaded trucks throughout the Benelux. What started with one ping-pong table on the truck delivered directly to our customer resulted in full loaded trucks with a maximum of 12 pieces on the loading surface and spreading further throughout Europe.
In the meantime we did not sit on our hands. We expanded our product range tremendously in the last few years. Besides a variety of ping-pong tables we now deliver picnic sets and benches made of concrete – naturally.

Ongoing Growth !

Ten years ago we introduced our products to our eastern neighbours (Germany). In the beginning we restricted our activities to North Rhine-Westphalia, but after a short time we covered the whole of Germany.
In 2012 we started delivering in England and here also the market began to grow. Since last year we made our first delivery to Switzerland  and Denmark.
We hope that our Danish website leads to welcome many new customers.