All our products are delivered from stock. Our own transport service covers one region daily, that means your table or bench will always be delivered within a maximum of 4 weeks. (Benches 6 weeks). For single ordered benches the delivery time can be a bit longer. You will always be informed by telephone one or two days before delivery. In case you cannot take the delivery at that moment or it is too early your delivery automatically moves to the next round in your region.
Then, too, you will be informed one or two days before by telephone.

Placing takes place with a special truck fitted with a loading and unloading crane, the crane has a reach of 5 meters. From there our tables and benches are rolled on with a pallet mover, this can only take place on a relatively flat terrain with a hard surface and no obstacles. It is desirable that at least one person is present to point out the right place. In case the table or bench has to be rolled further to the indicated place it is essential that at least one person is present to be of assistance.
In order to place bottom plates it is not possible to roll them on with a pallet mover to the final destination. These bottom plates have to be placed level with the grass, if the ground is prepared properly we can place the bottom plates directly with the crane on to the right spot, provided the place is in reach or 5 meters from our truck.

Terms and conditions

 Your order of tables or benches will be offered for delivery within 4 weeks. Orders of only benches can take a few weeks longer. Paddles and balls that you order will be sent by post. You may expect delivery within a week at the indicated address.
If it is not possible to transport the product to the final destination, it will be unloaded at a nearby spot to the final place. For further placing you then will be liable for the costs. In case you cancel the order at the moment we arrive at the destination you will be charged with the costs.