Concrete Gaming tables

We make different models and designs of gaming tables.
The designs are: anthracite-concrete and natural concrete.
For anthracite-concrete we use coloured concrete, natural concrete is not coloured, but just light grey.
Both tables have the well-known “Concrete -look”.
The chess tables are available as 2-people or 4-people table. Thus, in total 2 models in 2 designs that gives you a choice out of 4 possibilities.
These 4 possibilities of choice are available for the draughts and ludo tables as well.


Because the tables are an aesthetic sight in a garden or on a terrace, we have
2- and 4-people tables available. Both models can be delivered in anthracite-concrete or in natural concrete.
The “Ludo” -tables will be furnished with 2 sets of pawns. All chess tables are delivered with 2 sets of chess pieces. These sets can also be ordered separately.
(a set consists of 16 playing figures, which means 4 x 4 different colours).