Ludo Game Table Anthracite-Concrete (4P)

Ludo Game Table Anthracite-Concrete 4 players

This is an ideal Game Table for a primary school or a playground. The design makes it an eye catcher. This Ludo Game Table is molded in one piece of concrete, no loose parts, so it is safe. The game surfaces are of natural stone, processed by us in concrete. A game can be played on it, but it is also suitable as a table for a bite to eat. Because the underplate is placed at the same level as the existing pavement, it is also easy to keep the area neat around the Game Table. 
This Game Table is available in various versions, see also Chess Table, Checkers Table or just a table to play on. You can choose the Anthracite-Concrete or Natural Concrete version.

* When ordering this Game Table you will get 1 set of pawns and a dice  free of charge.


Product code
Anthracite concrete
Dimensions (L X W)
149 x 149 cm
Height tabletop
75 cm
Seat height
50 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
60 x 60 cm
Tabletop thickness
7,2 cm
900 kg
Thickness bottom plate
10 cm

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