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Over the years we produced and delivered thousands of our concrete ping-pong tables and picnic sets to various countries such as the Benelux, Denmark, Switzerland, France, England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Meanwhile a number of our tables are placed even overseas!

Our products are well-known for their strength. “vandal-proof”, “undestroyable”, “much too strong”, are statements of proud owners of one or more ping-pong table(s) or picnic-set(s). 

We offer three different kinds of ping-pong tables. The classic rectangular model, or the model with rounded corners for safety reasons. Also our picnic tables are available in a variety of models.

HeBlad Multi games table

As from today, we can make a multi games table made to measure for our clients, that can be used to play different games...

Winter closure 2019-2020


Foot Volleyball Table 





Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Gemeente Cuijk Bottom plate Picnic table Natural Concrete 08-09-2021 Cuijk
TC Lekkerkerk Concrete Ping-pong table green 13-09-2021 Lekkerkerk
Gemeinschaftsschule Riegelsberg Concrete Ping-pong table green, round 09-09-2021 Riegelsberg
Van Spreuwel Transport BV Blue table tennis table, rounded 09-09-2021 Eindhoven
Collège Marc Seignobos Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 14-09-2021 Chabeuil
Collège Ernest Chalamel Blue table tennis table, rounded 14-09-2021 Dieulefit
Air Center Best Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 26-08-2021 Best
Speelveld Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 03-09-2021 Haarzuilens
ROC Kop van Noord Holland, locatie Schagen Picnic table Standard Oval Natural Concrete 02-09-2021 Schagen
Hangeney-Grundschule Concrete Picnic table Standard Oval Anthracite 09-09-2021 Dortmund
Af te halen in Bladel Concrete Ping-pong table green 01-09-2021 Bladel
Wellnescenter Andor Ping-pong table rounded, Natural Concrete 16-09-2021 Balen
Woodbridge, Moon & Sixpence Ltd Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 07-09-2021 Woodbridge
School met de Bijbel Concrete Ping-pong table blue 13-09-2021 Nieuw-Beijerland
Goosenford Lode, Stonebrook House Concrete Ping-pong table green 07-09-2021 Taunton
Grasveld Picnic table Standard Natural Concrete 03-09-2021 Helmond
Voetbalvereniging FC Vlotbrug Ping-pong table rounded, Natural Concrete 13-09-2021 Hellevoetsluis
Mant Leisure Ltd Leigh House Farm Stables Concrete Ping-pong table blue 06-09-2021 Bradford on Avon
Zentraler Betriebshof Herten (ZBH) Concrete Picnic table DeLuxe Anthracite 09-09-2021 Herten
Werf (Barsbek Spielplatz) Blue table tennis table, rounded 01-09-2021 Barsbek

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