Due to our holidays, it is not possible to collect orders from week 29 to week 32.

Welcome on HeBlad.eu

Over the years we produced and delivered thousands of our concrete ping-pong tables and picnic sets to various countries such as the Benelux, Denmark, Switzerland, France, England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Meanwhile a number of our tables are placed even overseas!

Our products are well-known for their strength. “vandal-proof”, “undestroyable”, “much too strong”, are statements of proud owners of one or more ping-pong table(s) or picnic-set(s). 

We offer three different kinds of ping-pong tables. The classic rectangular model, or the model with rounded corners for safety reasons. Also our picnic tables are available in a variety of models.

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Winter closure 2022-2023





Customer Product Placed Location Photo
Af te halen in Hapert Concrete Ping-pong table green 11-07-2024 Hapert
College Concrete Ping-pong table blue 08-07-2024 Castricum
Site Assist bv Concrete Bench DeLuxe Oval Anthracite 04-07-2024 Tienen
BURO CONCEPT 13 Concrete Table Football Table 02-07-2024 VITROLLES
Centre Hospitalitier Drome Vivarais Concrete Ping-pong table green 02-07-2024 Montéléger
Picknickplaats Welsum Ping-pong table rounded, Natural Concrete 28-06-2024 Welsum
Nijmegen Radboud umc Concrete Ping-pong table green 27-06-2024 Nijmegen
Centre de Formation d' Apprentissage du LP Jules V Concrete Table Football Table 24-06-2024 SAVERNE
Mavesyn Ridware Village Hall Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 01-07-2024 Lichfield
Acacia-Robinia Nederland B.V. Concrete Ping-pong table green 27-06-2024 Nuenen
Scholing Installatietechniek B.V Picnic table Standard Natural Concrete 28-06-2024 Hoogeveen
Af te halen in Hapert Concrete Table Football Table 26-06-2024 Hapert
Nijha BV Concrete Table Football Table 28-06-2024 Lochem
St Jan Brede Dorpschool Concrete Ping-pong table green, rounded 27-06-2024 Oosteind
Playgones Ping-pong table rounded, Natural Concrete 02-07-2024 Rochetoirin
Walther-Rathenau-Gymnasium Concrete Table Football Table 10-07-2024 Berlin
Gemeentewerf Bottom plate Picnic table Anthracite-Concrete 20-06-2024 Riethoven
Familie Daems Concrete Ping-pong table green 27-06-2024 Valburg
Van Voorthuijsenschool, Stichting Spaarnesant Picnic table Standard Oval Natural Concrete 08-07-2024 Haarlem
Churchfields Junior School Concrete Table Football Table 01-07-2024 London