Concrete Ping-pong table blue

Concrete Ping-pong table blue

This concrete ping-pong table is moulded in one piece and reinforced with double layers of steel (above and below). Due to this, the ping-pong table is almost vandal-resistant and therefore ideal for schoolyards or public spaces.
The playing surface of this ping-pong table has a blue two-component lacquer and a white lacquer lining.
We have produced this model of  pin-pong table we produce since 1994 and has become one of our great successes!


Product code
Blauw - RAL 5005
Dimensions tabletop
274 x 152 cm
Dimensions underside tabletop
278 x 156 cm
Tabletop thickness
8,4 cm
Height tabletop
76 cm
Height of the net
14,75 cm
1360 kg
Distance legs
183 cm (center to center


HeBlad Ping Pong Table