High Table Natural Concrete

Concrete Standing Table

This concrete standing table ideally placed on terraces of restaurants, hotels or pubs, it would also be a credit to a schoolyard or canteen of a sport club. Due to the heavy weight of the bottom plate the standing table is hardly to overturn. The bottom plate has the same measurements as the tabletop. The direct surrounding can easily be cleaned. The bottom plate is very comfortable to stand on, like at a bar.
You need to know, that the standing table cannot be moved with a pallet truck. The standing table can only be placed directly from the delivering truck onto the final destination. The crane can only bridge a distance of 5 meters.


Product code
Natural concrete
Afmeting (L x B x H)
120 x 120 x 113 cm
Dimensions tabletop
120 x 120 cm
Height tabletop
113 cm
Tabletop thickness
8.4 cm
985 kg