Bench DeLuxe with bottom plate and backrest Naural Concrete

Concrete bench DeLuxe with bottom plate and backrest

A bench with backrest, complete with bottom plate, moulded in one piece. The seat as well the backrest of this bench are provided with bamboo planks. Due to the bottom plate the bench remains solid and durable.
By placing this bench level with the grass, it is easy for a lawnmower to roll over the edge of the plate. No unpleasant grass-stalks have to be removed by hand and the place looks tidy.


Product code
Natural concrete
Number of seats
Afmeting zitvlak
180 x 30 cm
Afmeting (L x B x H)
219,5 x 119 x 103 cm
Afmeting onderplaat (L x B x H)
219,5 x 119 x 8 cm
Afwerking onderplaat
Smooth concrete
Seat height
45 cm
Seating corner
103 degrees
1230 kg
Materiaal zitvlak