Ludo table Polished Concrete


Product code
Natural concrete
Finishing surface
Tabletop and seats polished
Dimensions (L X W)
149 x 149 cm
Height tabletop
75 cm
Seat height
50 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
60 x 60 cm
Tabletop thickness
7,2 cm
750 kg

Ludo table Polished Concrete

This set is made up by a bottom plate, a “Ludo table top and four seats.
The fields are made of natural stones laid solidly into the concrete table top. The table top and the seats are polished. The refined looking table can be used also for other purposes, e.g. having a small snack or just sit and enjoy.

The bottom plate measures 149 x149 cm, therefore very useful to be placed in a square. If the square is paved with sidewalk tiles of 30 x 30 cm you only need to remove 25 tiles and the bottom plate fits easily into that space and the play table levels with the rest of the square.

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