Picnic set Compact Anthracite-Concrete 4 persons


Product code
Anthracite concrete
Dimensions (L X W)
149 x 149 cm
Height tabletop
75 cm
Seat height
50 cm
Dimensions tabletop (L x W)
60 x 60 cm
Tabletop thickness
7,2 cm
750 kg

Picnic set Compact Anthracite-Concrete 4 persons

This concrete set consists of a bottom plate with a tabletop and four seats.
Very elegant looking table to sit on, suitable for any place where Young and Old are looking for entertainment and fun.

The bottom plate measures 59 x 149 cm. By removing 2 x 5 paving stones from the schoolyard a space of 60 x 150 cm is created. We want to place the table in this “gap” so that the bottom plate is fully integrated into the schoolyards pavement.

In case, you want to place the table in a park, the plate can be levelled with the grass so that the upper side of the concrete plate matches the cutting height.

Placing is included in the price. Preliminary work must be finished before delivery.
Like all other tables and benches of HeBlad, this table is moulded entirely in one piece of high quality concrete.
This concrete table is made of anthracite-coloured concrete. The anthracite “concrete-look” is a decorative sight 

The table is weatherproof.

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